Who We Are

Benefit from the experience of our team of experts in new generation technologies to manage your risks and have better decision-making processes.

Solvia Risk Solutions is a company established to help its business partners to detect their hidden deficiencies, address all weaknesses, and perfect their operations by minimizing all internal and external risks in the business processes of companies, and gaining visibility into all threats.

As Solvia Risk Solutions in line with this goal, we use NextGen GRC & Operational Intelligence tools and techniques, share all of our knowledge with our business partners and use all our experience to enrich their operational excellence practices. We aim to build broader visibility with utilizing analytic tools, low code/no code alert based monitoring tools, real-time access usage and improve security while reducing fraud, undetected mistakes and leakage of sensitive data.

We are a new company founded by a passionate group of professionals and we are excited to introduce ourselves to you in the near future.

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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