Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Detect and act on misuse of sensitive data and cyber threats on SAP systems to keep your company safe.

How can Solvia RS enable your organization with cyber-security and data protection on SAP systems?

We help detect cyber-threats, comply with information security standards and dynamically authorize sensitive information with regulations on your SAP environment.

Detect internal and external attacks against your business software landscape

We help to identify cyber-attacks at the SAP application layer with real time pattern detection, identify vulnerabilities in code and RFC connections
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Data masking to protect sensitive or business critical data

We use data masking tools to increase protection of sensitive data against theft and abuse and build rules to enable a dynamic determination of data access.

SAP Access logging to track the data access lifecycle

We implement SAP Data Logging solutions to comply with business or legal requirements for tracking who accessed sensitive data.
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Our Expertise


Business content for sensitive data and cyber-threat scenarios

We have sensitive data library on behalf of an organization to accelerate their sensitive data modelling or utilize their threat detection modelling.


Wide Knowledge of SAP Access Logging and Access Tracking Solutions

We implement the most effective SAP sensitive access management applications such as SAP UI Masking, SAP UI Logging, UI Data Protection Masking or SAP Read Access Logging that match your requirements.


Holistic Approach in Data Protection and Cybersecurity

We are implementing best of breed GRC applications, predictive analytics, big data solutions, automation softwares and analytical solutions ourselves. Thus, we provide you a one integrated approach supported by analytics for all of your sensitive data and cyber-security processes.

Contact us to ensure data security and cyber security in your SAP systems.
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