Access Governance

Empower organizations with automated and secure access management practices

How can Solvia RS enable your organization with access management practices?

We ensure that your organization is safely operated in accordance with access management and authorization design principles.

Designing access model to ensure data security and increase efficiency in organizations

We build an access management model with a task, business process or position based approach to build the most effective secure and comprehensive role design in complex ERP environments.
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Uncovering potential access risks in business applications to reduce the risk of fraud and errors

We implement access-based risk rules, align with business process and collaborate with business users to enable real-time, %100 effective real time risk analysis in access management operations.

Balancing user experience with compliance

We use new generation user experience tools in order to comply with security standards and increase user experience in authorization management.
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Our Expertise


Role design content and ready-to-use SAP GRC scenarios

We have ready-to-use business scenarios and role design data by industries on behalf of an organization to accelerate their access management projects.


Digitalization in Access Management

We aim to perfect your digitalization journey for access management by using best of breed GRC applications, user experience tools, automation softwares and analytical solutions.


Holistic View of Access Management in Business Applications

Consolidating access management across all users and application landscapes including single sign-on, SAP Access Control, SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance and UI masking and logging solutions.

Contact us to perfect user authorization processes
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