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SoD Analysis

Simplify SoD management with SAP Access Control and provide secure access to applications and data across cloud and on premise.


Uncovering potential access risks in core applications by performing cross-system risk analysis


Real-time visibility into current risk position, to reduce unauthorized access


Reduce audit costs by quantifying the financial impact of access risk violations

Automated Provisioning

Automatic provisioning of user access and data to all business applications including approval workflows by using access management solutions.


Consolidating identity and access management across all users and application landscapes


Self-service and HR triggered workflow-driven access request and approval for multiple systems


Embedded access risk analysis in access requests to remain clean

Zero Trust and Emergency Access Management

Simplify privileged account management and review logs with automated log assessment.


Managing all SAP emergency access sessions across your business applications from a single panel


Allow temporary access for users when assigned with solving problem, giving them provisionally broad, but regulated access


Get proactive notifications of conflicting or sensitive action usage in emergency access sessions

Cross Application Role Management

Consolidate all roles from different systems into business roles.


Consolidating role library across all application landscapes


Building business roles to contain application roles from multiple source systems


Embedded cross application access risk analysis in business roles

Continous Control Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of business transactions can identify irregularities automatically.


Real-time, automated checks and controls embedded in business processes to help ensure compliance

Hundreds of business rules with different data sources deployed for exception-based continuous control monitoring


Enrich central controls to standardize the controls across global operations

Compliance with Regulations

You can manage all compliance activities related to local and international regulations by using SAP Process Control application.


Definition and sharing of controls, business processes and data across multiple regulations


Increase collaboration with business users to stay compliant with regulations


Improve regulatory monitoring, self-assessment, and testing across global processes

NextGen Risk Management

Take the tedium out of risk management with automated and scheduled activities and embed risk activities to your business processes seamlessly by using SAP Risk Management.


One single framework, methodology and repository of risk data for the organization


Complete alignment and collaboration among risk, audit, and compliance teams on critical risks, responses, gaps and issues


Build automatic key risk indicators and take action before the risk exceeds target levels

Risk Consolidation

You can capture all the risks for a specific purpose, region, process or project to understand the total exposure of a situation to your organization.


Reduction in effort spent manually consolidate risks by different dimensions such as regions, processes etc.


To monitor corporate risks in real time, it will be sufficient to analyze only operational risks


Achieve quantitative and logical approach to risk aggregation and reducing subjectivity

Digitalization of Audit

Implement an audit management solution that improves entire audit efficiency by integrating internal controls and risk management, fostering collaboration and increasing automation.


Covering entire audit lifecycle with full collaboration and integration with business owners and other lines of (defence)


Collect all control results, test plans and risk data to reduce redundant and time-consuming activities and increase integrity


Generate and publish audit reports without spending a single minute in office documents

Anomaly Detection in Big Data

Build scenarios to tackle errors, waste and abuse and other anomalies to increase the reliability of critical business processes by using SAP Business Integrity Screening solution.


Real time detection of irregularities in big data across the enterprise


Integration into business processes and block fraudulent transactions in real time


Detection based on predictive analytics or machine learning algorithms to adapt to changing patterns

End-to-end management of sensitive/personal data

Simplify security and privacy requirements, automate risk evaluations, and centrally manage regulatory requirements and data privacy policies.


Detect internal and external attacks against your business software landscape with real time pattern detection


Meet regulatory requirements and Manage personal and sensitive data across landscapes and geographies


Real-time monitoring of application-level threats and vulnerabilities

Supporting your business processes with emerging technologies is the main goal of our business.

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